Le Tong Beach, Patong, Phuket, Thailand

The hotel is leased out to Porter House Co., Ltd.

Please contact hotel directly for inquiries and booking.

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About Us

Le Tong Beach Hotel

We were among the first who settled down in this area. We thought that this beach was so beautiful and quiet. At that time, there were huge sea turtles came up to lay eggs on the beach and there were only a few bungalows along the curve of this vast white sand. It was a paradise so we took an opportunity to buy a small land. Our journey then began in 1995. Today we are still here to proudly serve you.

Our hotel was named from two local (Phuket) words, which are Lay (sea) and Tong (Patong). We imagined it looked better with "Le Tong" rather than "Lay tong" so we went for it. As you can predict that 99% of the time, people called us by the french sound. We did not explain to them since we got ourselves into the trouble in the first place.

We just call ourselves, Lay-Tong. Welcome to our peaceful hotel.